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      Zhongshan Nan Feng Electrical Machinery Co. Ltd. was founded in 1987 at Guangdong province, its renowned reputation in professional manufacturing & developing air-conditioning motor, along with well-known extensive experience within the industry for over 20 years which is one of the major AC motor manufacturers in China.
      Nan Feng currently have two factories both are located at Guangdong Zhongshan; total construction area of 70,000 square meters; and the annual production capacity over 15 million which is one of the most capability manufacturing factory in South China region. The company has brought in well advanced hi-technology machineries from US, Japan, Taiwan etc. For our high quality assurance expectation and product competitiveness that all our motor Brackets, Stator & Rotor etc. are entirely integrated as “One-stop Manufacturing” from the factory . Additionally, Nan Feng has imported a number of high-speed Stamping sets for product finishing upgrade; most stator  are using auto-winding method; we guaranteed the whole production flow are processing in a smoothly efficient style.
      Our Quality Control, Our principle in Products are aiming for the highest standard, consistence, minimize in noises and higher reliability; all Nan Feng products have passed the ISO9001 Quality Control Standard, ISO14001 Environmental Management System, and CCC certification of China; as well the International recognized UL, CUL and CSA certifications. Most importantly, we can assure that all our products have passed “RoHS” tests and met the International recognized “RoHS” requirements. Nan Feng products are famously reliable from various International brands e.g. GREE, Panasonic and so on well-known Global Corporations and with their dedicated continuously support for our overseas market.
      Additionally, Motor-Tech International Ltd.  was established in Hong Kong in 2007, mainly for exporting motor to overseas market. In order to fulfill your needs & expectations, Motor-Tech will provide the top customer-oriented service. 
      Zhongshan Nan Feng Electrical Machinery Co. Ltd. Zhongshan Nan Feng Electrical Machinery Co. Ltd. Zhongshan Nan Feng Electrical Machinery Co. Ltd. Zhongshan Nan Feng Electrical Machinery Co. Ltd.


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